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There was a time when marketing was all about selling a product. In 2018, most audiences don’t respond to this type of content. People want real, human stories, not something faceless and corporate. We want to make purchases and decisions fueled by emotions, not sales tactics and soulless facts. When you know and respect the ethos of a company, chances are you’re more likely to choose that business for its products or services. Appstrice found that blog titles with emotional hooks attract more shares, likes, and comments than posts without emotionally charged words. An interview piece or spotlight is a great way to create this type of emotional content. Getting someone’s true thoughts and feelings out there can make for excellent emotionally-driven content.

Above is a Blog for one of our clients at Oozle Media, Elevate Salon Institute (ESI), Chubbuck. For this post, the client was interviewed via phone call about a recent inter-school cosmetology competition. This interview was extremely valuable when it came to creating the blog post, as it allowed us to get a real sense of the event and literally hear the client’s voice. Through the interview, we found out that the proceeds of this contest were donated to a cause close to the client’s heart. This emotional drive created a compelling story that was worth sharing with the hopes that it would win the hearts of potential students. The title “Competing for a Good Cause” appeals to the reader’s emotion by instantly informing them that is a blog about a charitable action.

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People often say that motivation doesn’t last. Well, neither does bathing — that’s why we recommend it daily. Someday is not a day of the week.

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